Published June 18, 2013

Open House

Inside a New Kind of Family

<p>For eighteen years, Ken, Judy and Valerie have been pioneers of polyamory, a movement whose adherents believe in having multiple romantic partners with openness, commitment and honesty. Together, the three of them raise 9-year-old twins in a lakefront house in suburban Boston that feels like an idyllic summer camp. Valerie is a national figure in the polyamory community, extolling the virtues of ethical non-monogamy. But with the arrival of Peg, Ken&rsquo;s new lover, Valerie must struggle for status in the world she&rsquo;s created.&nbsp;Peg demands first-class treatment on the sex calendar, requests prime date nights and competes for Ken&rsquo;s affections. Yet Valerie is used to sharing everything: finances, parenting responsibilities and, especially, her love. What happens when your values suddenly work against you?&nbsp;Can their radical family survive?</p>